A price-winning bar with an international touch

Cuckoo’s Nest restaurant and bar has won two prestigious international prices. In 2013 the Cuckoo’s Nest Cocktail Bar won the European Hotel Design Awards as the best designed bar in Europe, and in 2014 we did it again- this time as the Best Hotel Bar in Europe in European Hospitality Awards. If you are looking for a real bar experience offering quirky design, fabulous cocktails, and professional and friendly staff-you need to look no longer. This is the place! Welcome to an international bar on the quayside of the river, a true cocktail romance.

We serve tasty delicious cocktails made with love.

Our bartenders have been participating in numerous Bartender competitions with great results, and their passion is to create own cocktail recipes, in addition to the classical cocktails. Their inspiration to new cocktails is born and invented here at Lindholmen.


At Lindholmen people from all over the world meet in our Cocktail bar. Our bartenders have a soft spot for all kinds of Gin drinks, although you may choose whatever drink you want. We have a vast drink list, and if you have difficulty in making a decision we are happy to help you out, we are not only great bartenders, we are also people persons.